Poor Things

Poor Things

Fun fact:

In Poor Things Mark Ruffalo had a lot of doubts about his performance during the shoot.

He often half-joked that his friend Oscar Isaac, who was filming on a nearby sound stage, was going to be called in to replace him.

One day, Willem Dafoe pranked Ruffalo by taking him to a room where Isaac (who was in on the joke) was waiting.

Isaac and Dafoe informed Ruffalo he was fired and, indeed, getting replaced by Isaac.

Poor Things

Poor Things

Director: Yorgos Lanthimos
Imdb:   8.0

Witness Bella Baxter’s astounding rebirth through the groundbreaking work of Dr.

Godwin Baxter, a visionary scientist unafraid of defying convention.

In this captivating tale, explore the fantastical journey of a young woman as she navigates.

The boundaries between life and death, propelled by the pioneering spirit of scientific discovery.

  • 2023
  • 2h 21m
  • Comedy


Emma Stone (Bella Baxter), Willem Dafoe (Godwin Baxter), Vicki Pepperdine (Mrs. Prim), Ramy Youssef (Max McCandles), Jack Barton (Fop 1), Charlie Hiscock (Fop 2),Attila Dobai (Hapless Student), Emma Hindle (Woman with Kid in London Street), Anders Olof Grundberg (Kid in London Street)

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