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How to Set Up IPTV on Plex in 2024

As of February 2024, Plex no longer supports the installation of third-party plugins, such as the popular IPTV.Bundle plugin by Cigaras. However, we have devised a new method to integrate IPTV seamlessly into Plex without the need for external plugins. This method involves using xTeVe, an open-source M3U proxy, to emulate a TV tuner within Plex, allowing you to enjoy IPTV channels directly within the Plex app.

Plex and IPTV: An Overview

Plex is a versatile home media player that supports various devices, including Smart TVs, Firesticks, game consoles, and PCs. It allows users to organize and stream their favorite video, music, and photo files effortlessly.

On the other hand, IPTV, short for Internet Protocol Television, enables users to stream TV content over IP networks, similar to traditional cable or satellite TV but delivered over the internet. With IPTV, users can access thousands of channels from around the world, unrestricted by geographical limitations.

Here’s how to set up IPTV on Plex using the new method in 2024:

Installing xTeVe on Your Windows PC or Laptop

  • Visit the official xTeVe website on GitHub and download the software for your Windows PC.
  • Upon running the program, you may encounter a Windows security message; ensure to allow access.
  • Access the xTeVe configuration page by entering the provided URL in your web browser.
  • Configure the number of TV tuners (usually 1) and select the appropriate Electronic Program Guide (EPG) source.
  • Enter the M3U URL and XMLTV EPG URL provided by your IPTV provider.
  • Optionally, filter and map IPTV channels based on your preferences.
  • Save the configuration within the xTeVe software.

Configuring IPTV in Plex

  • Open it and navigate to the Live TV & DVR section.
  • Click the “SET UP PLEX DVR” option and proceed with the instructions provided.
  • Plex should automatically detect the TV tuner set up in xTeVe; if not, enter the network address manually.
  • Choose the country and verify the selected channels.
  • If you have an XMLTV guide, enter its URL in the provided box.
  • Verify the channels and EPG data before proceeding.

Watching IPTV on Plex

  • Once the setup is complete, click on “view guide” within Plex to access the IPTV channels.
  • Enjoy watching IPTV channels seamlessly within the Plex app.

This method provides a convenient way to integrate IPTV into Plex without relying on third-party plugins. Enjoy the extensive channel selection and seamless viewing experience offered by it in 2024.

(Note: The following section outlines the old method of installing IPTV on Plex using third-party plugins and is provided for reference purposes only.)


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