For IPTV enthusiasts, Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is a crucial feature, providing a structured way to watch live events and favorite shows. Opting for the Xtrix TV Premium IPTV subscription brings the

flexibility of switching between three distinct EPG styles: Grid EPG, Classic EPG, and Normal EPG. Each mode offers unique characteristics, detailed below, along with instructions on how to switch between them seamlessly.

Introducing the Three EPG Styles:

Grid EPG:

  • The Grid EPG, or Electronic Program Guide, offers a visual schedule of television programs and channels.
  • Presented in a grid format, channels are listed vertically, and time slots are displayed horizontally, providing an organized overview of current and future broadcasts.
  • Key features include program listings, channel information with logos, time navigation, search and filter options, and reminder and recording functionalities.

Classic EPG:

  • The Classic EPG presents television program schedules and channel information in a traditional or text-based interface.
  • It displays channel listings vertically with names and numbers, along with linear or text-based program details.
  • Users can navigate through the list of programs, check current and upcoming broadcasts, and access limited interactive features such as channel switching and basic program details.

Normal EPG:

  • The Normal EPG offers a standard Electronic Program Guide without specific distinguishing features.
  • It typically displays channel listings with corresponding numbers and names, along with basic program details in a straightforward manner.
  • Users can navigate through the schedule, view current and future broadcasts, and access limited interactive features similar to Classic EPGs.

Switching EPG Styles on Xtrix TV IPTV:

To demonstrate, let’s focus on switching to the Grid EPG style:

  1. Launch the Xtrix TV App.
  2. From the home screen, scroll down to the bottom section where you’ll encounter four choices: Settings, Direct-to-TV, Grid EPG, and Classic EPG.
  3. Select Grid EPG.
  4. Head to the live channel and then hit the OK button. You’ll observe the TV Guide transitioning to the Grid EPG view.

Alternatively, access Grid EPG via Settings by selecting Misc. and then EPG mode. Right-click on the remote and choose the Grid EPG option. Allow a moment for the TV Guide to transition seamlessly to the Grid EPG view.

About Xtrix TV EPG – Grid EPG, Classic EPG, Normal EPG:

Different subscription tiers offer varying EPG styles, with Classic EPG exclusively available for specific versions of STB installations.

Benefits of Using EPG:

  1. Convenient Schedule Viewing.
  2. Detailed Program Information.
  3. Quick Navigation.
  4. Reminder and Recording Features.
  5. Filtering and Searching Options.

In summary, EPG enriches the viewing experience, especially for sports events, by providing convenience and comprehensive information.

navigating through various EPG styles on Xtrix TV IPTV is simple and allows viewers to tailor their experience. Explore the full range of features and EPG styles with our IPTV free trial. Enjoy the ultimate IPTV experience with Xtrix TV!


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